Practical Machinist, watch and learn!


Practical Machinist, watch and learn...

How about having access to an Forum where you're constantly learning?

Well, feast your eyes on this, Practical Machinist, the official community of the American Machinist is just such a Forum, where you cam gloat at a retired Machinist's Toy room, now doesn't this make you 


Of course this will have you want to emulate the guy, albeit in a smaller scale, and learn HOW he went and done it...

Or maybe you want to buy some second-hand machine tools...

you've got lots of those available, Milling Machines, Lathes, EDM, Laser, any one, only a certain make, whatever..

Or even cheap small CNC machines from China, along with Manuals, Machinist's jokes, threads devoted to a particular machine,

to pictures of machines and tools needing identification, help on particular subjects, advice on how to make 'bout anything, man, the Forum's threads cover everything imaginable, and some stuff you won't even dream of!

So it's a Gizmo maker dream come true, 'cos they'll even answer your questions, so you'll learn whatever you need, and not a thing you do not!

So go there, and have fun, LEARNING!