Learn your plastic


Choose your Plastic 

Don't know WICH material or Composite will do the trick?


These guys will show you some charts and graphs, so you can choose by comparison.

Compare by strenght, price, weather resistence, etc. the material that best fits your needs.

A neat Site, user-friendly and good-looking, will guide you trough all the paces, to make the perfect choice of materials.

If only a lot of other things were THAT simple!.

Learn your Plastic

Don't order any plastic pieces until you've seen this This Site's free download page,

will let you download, after a free registration procedure, more than 3 years of tips for would-be plastic piece designers.

From there, you have access ot these .Pdf E-books, and you can learn all the tricks and tips of Plastic, so you can order a piece with confidence.

That way, you can chose the right plastic for the job, and also, chose from an Edge Gate,

a Post Gate,

or a Tunnel gate to feed your plastic piece's injection.

Looks a bit of a chore, but not the way they teach it,  and in the end you'll know how to order stuff like this:

Yup, Gate - Red square end, 4 yellow vents, .001" thick, whatever that means!

So register, and download, you'll learn for free!