Junkyard talk

This one's just for Junk-poking

fools such as me, and a few

others. :-D

Those not interested on Junkyard visiting for fun and profit, skip this one, as you're in serious danger of saving a few hundred bucks, and having an endless supply of stuff you can recklessly dismantle, without ruining yourself.

Discarded PC materials:

Out of any old PC, you can take:

-Steel plate, from the old PC's cover plates;

-Rubber “feet”, and sometimes the whole bottom plate, for boxes and Chassis;

-Mains cable, (if it's still around, of course);

-The Power Supply, for itself, as a Transformer, and for the fans;

-On/off switches, very good ones, too;

-Motors, from the Floppy drive, the Hard Disks, and specially the CDs.

-Rare Earth, really, really strong, Magnets, again from the Hard Disks, and the CDs.

-Fans, from the CPU cooling, and the Power Supply;

-The tiny Speaker, the one that goes “Beep” when you turn the PC on;

-A tip from Terry, from East London Inventors Club, seems the motors from those pre-3 ½, old floppy drives, remember, that were huge and really floppy, can be used as small Electrical Generators!

Other household junk:

Keep an eye on discarded Vacuum Cleaners, for their Motors, the extensive, wind back, Mains cable, and the Vacuum Centrifugal fan system, reversed it is a perfect is a tad too strong Blower for the Charcoal Foundry.

Discarded Cooling Fans, with the 2 or 3 speed setting, and the swinging mechanism, take the swinging lever off, you have a motor and 2 moving axis, one very de-multiplicated, it turns very much slower.

Washing and Drying machines yield a Monster Electric Motor, the rubber belt and the big wheel can serve lots of functions;

Sources for Scrap Metal

Aluminum is found, of course, in Junkyards, watch for Aluminum engine blocks, also Aluminum siding companies and the ever-present TV aerials. 

Steel is found anywhere, along with Iron, from Junkyards to abandoned buildings, even the steel plate from old PC boxes, and discarded Rail material, see if it's really discarded, first. 

Copper can be “mined” from old electric cables of all sorts, worn out electric motors, take the Magnets, too.  

Brass and Lead you'll find on old house's plumbing fixtures, watch out for house re-modelings.


 And remember... Don't give up!