Whatever you do, better Have Some Fun!

Illustration 5 A rocket, as drawn on the Freeware TrueSapce 3, don't throw your money away!

As an Inventor, I keep giving and receiving tips from other Inventors, and I found out that even some of those Inventors had a "cannot do it"mindset on most things Do-it-yourself related. Or things they are not familiar with.

Now that's a bit odd, since most aren't Millionaires that I know of, yet some complain that some of their ideas will never see the light of day, because they don't know how to do them outside the Drawing Board.

Like they'd need some Godzillion Bucks to do it like they see done on show-off Hollywood films, or else! Not only me, but me and all other Inventors are always happy to help, but...

Well, you can see the countless Model Making pages on the web, examples of what normal, regular people can do, small wonders of homemade engineering, and that only to have some fun!

Maybe, if those "No-go" inventors had some fun, too, trying to make the Prototypes, they'd end up doing those things just as well as their Model Makers colleagues!

Model Makers by the way, are great people, great teachers, just that Fonly Lathe, for me that's a JEWEL! We'll discuss that later, too...