Chapter 3:

How to carve a mold


"Animal Faceoff", on Discovery, remember?

As you recall, it dealt with making animal mock-ups, and those wild animal skulls were carved in a way that you cannot miss noticing as simple and easy for anyone.

They drew a front drawing, a side drawing, a top drawing, place them on a Styrofoam block... Presto!

You cut the 3 sides straight, in most cases two will do, and then you round things up until you've got anything you want!

Not wanting to rip off Discovery's work, here's a "crazy" example, I call it "Whatsit", as you see, with the frontal drawings any fool can make, you will get a 3D mold, and if you make some templates, you can repeat them.You've probably also done that at school, only to forget all about it... until now! See, most people know more than enough to get around Gizmos, but give themselves no credit for it!

Illustration 35 Remember this? Intake hole, exit hole... Hack'em!