Chapter 12:

Great new Materials

Great Balls of Fire!

The things they concoct, these days!

Memory wire, that can hold a set shape in their metal "memory", while being bent out of... Shape, until a certain temperature, and then go exactly to the set shape.

Ecofilm, a thick roll of plastic film, that goes away with just... Water!

Smart springs, tightly compressed, nothing happens until they reach 90º, then POP! Goes the Weasel

And a paper-thin Aluminum sheet, good for Gizmo covering, the ever-present Roofmate, harder than Styrofoam, a cheap and not moisture-sensitve Balsa Wood alternative, and this, and that...




For those, and lots other that pop up as you read this, there's a Net place to visit or two, one being TEP, the other MUTR, also American Science and Surplus, see the Links Chapter, but you can do yourself a favor and visit also Popular Mechanics, and well-known Corporate Tech Enterprises like 3M, and Bayer, they're always on to something!