Improvise is not a four-letter word!

Illustration 2 Before.. An Aluminum piece, just out of the Green Sand, kinda makes you give up, but wait...

Most people are happily bred into submission, and the lack of self-reliance they feed you since childhood, disguised as "sophistication ", is no exception.

So you cannot build a computer from the raw materials up, does that mean you cannot assemble one from available computer hardware retail stores, or even discarded PCs?

What, with the HUGE hoards of Geek Web pages, you'd be a fool not to take advantage of that!

And yet, they tell you, you'll have to earn a lot of Big Companies Certificates, to even hold a PC Mouse!

Doesn't that smell a Rat? Yup, huge, fat, Corporate ones!

Illustration 3...And after some work! Neat!

The same with Prototype, or even Gizmo building. They tell you, only Geniuses, Universities, and Great Corporations can assemble anything worthy, you'd better pay though your nose, or give up right away! DUUHH!!!

By the way, A Prototype is a Gizmo, but one you'll try and patent, or just make to demonstrate your latest Academic Work, a Gizmo most times is something not reallynew, but a machine you either Custom-make to your needs, or build just for the fun of it.

Illustration 4 See, this is a Gizmo, already done before.

As I went from Prototype to Prototype, from Gizmo to Gizmo, I discovered a Gold Mine on the Web, and the best thing is, it's all FREE:

How-to Pages!

And the mean and nasty trick is, you can use the ideas of the even more exotic How-tos to build things that they were never intended to!

Of course this book will teach you stuff like using an old 386 PC's Power Supply to cough up a Home Brew Power Supply with lots of Voltage and Amperage combinations, or making a Coal Foundry and using a Riveter to build things fast, using rivets or a melted Aluminum dip to make brittle Meccano Gizmos withstand vibration, where to find sites about CNC machines made from PC junk,great new materials that will allow you to make stuff like you'd never dream of;

Of course you'll find a list of books and Web pages I strongly recommend;

You can even skip building from scratch and assemble Lego Technik and Meccano;

But the main purpose of this is to teach you to learn how to improvise, using this and that to do that and whatever else.

The main tools of the trade, tough, are your mind, your hands, your trusty notebook, any simple 3D Program...

And Google!

But more of that, later...