Flex your Inventive "Muscle"!


Here's a site for when you're out of ideas.

So you're demoralized, uninspired, whatever?

Get into the groove again, with this site:


Street use, a part of a larger Site, by Kevin Kelly, has an immense number of very clever ideas, the likes of which will set a smile on your face, or else, you're dead already!

With examples of individual ingenuity facing everyday life's problems, some are really uncanny!

Like this TV aerial, made of forks!

Of this really weird sound record below, made of Discarded X-Ray plates! 

Now Gothic teens can really have a new stunt to out-shock their friends!

This all may sound silly to some, but it is really BRILLIANT! 

Technology's about problem solving, not how much more blades you can stuff on a new razor, and still call it a "man's" razor!

The site's both fun and informative, as the story behind the examples is always shown, and the Organization the author set up is also very worthy, and I quote:

"Six years ago I began a non-profit foundation to help catalog all the living species on Earth. Part of that project was to make a unique web page for every one of the 1.8 million species science knows about. As we discover and name additional species of the 100 million others probably living on this planet, we'll give them a page too. We raised $1 million to start the All Species Inventory, but did not get very far. The foundation is currently moribund, but thankfully others have taken on the vision and are making it happen. Recently the MacArthur and Sloan Foundations, together with the Smithsonian Institution, announced that they will be funding the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) -- a web page for every species. E.O. Wilson, who was on our board and who has been talking about similar goals, is the visible spokesperson for the EOL and articulates this essential vision very well. It's a relief to have such capable professional biologists working on this collective grand mission -- to discover, name and describe all the life on Earth in the next 25 years."

So go there and have a look, it's fascinating stuff!