Farm fantastic!


Farm Fantastic! 

This Farm Site's a Mine of Machining, Woodwork and other DIYs  Projects!

No 2 ways about it, this Site's GREAT!
Tons of good projects in one well-designed and pleasant Web Site, what more could you want?

Several Lathe and Lathe attachment projects, A Drill Press, etc...

Plus many Boat, Bike, and Kart plans, how to harden a nail to go trough steel plate, what am I typing for, just discovering this Site's stuff is half the FUN!

Big back-garden toys for your Kids, yes, you can "show'em how it works"...

A Gimball for your Dremmel, a Metal plate bending Brake, a spot welder..

All on .Pdf Downloads, so open a fat new Folder, and make your own list of FUN projects!