Just see these examples, of what you can make with Fab@home, I've taken them from


This is a Propeller, now this the perfect example for working DevCad and Fab@Home together!

This propeller was made by Evan (can Evan please tell me his last name?) of Epoxy on a Silicone mold;

DevCad lets you learn CAD (yes, I've already mentioned it!), so there's no excuse not to download it;

And now I'm showing you some of the many different things can be made on the Open Source Fab@Home, in the some of the many different materials!

Here, a black Silicone LEGO tire replica, no name mentioned,

Here, a house made of CHEESE!

Here, "cheez-wizz" making, the close-up shows the syringe-deposition method used do squeeze hod cheese,or any other hot material out.

Here you can see a wristwatch made in CAD, then the syringe deposits Silicone to MAKE A CAD DRAWING REAL!

...A last, dramatic example, a brown Silicone box INSIDE a transparent Sillicone cilinder!

I can almost hear some of you saying "But what about METAL?"

I can see 3 alternatives:

-To make a Wax deposition disposable mold, you then sink it in Plaster of Paris, wait for it to dry, and pour metal into,

-To mill Styrofoam, using a Dremmel instead of the Syringe, and then pour the metal like above,

-Or, if you make the Fabber, that's the Blue Acrylic box you've seen above, in a stronger version and mill it from a metal block!

There are people making a stronger Fabber, see it right on the Fab@Home Site!

So, if you want to build something, but you only know how to make it inside your head, or in paper,

and just want to spend Hundreds of $, instead of Thousands,

What are you waiting for?


Wait! one more Free Fabber!

Just when you think you've seen it all...

Here, you can see the RepRap, I bet this image's done on GoogleSketch, see, told you so, and this one Fabber's yet another choice for you, although I'd build BOTH of them, if I could, they're so darn cool!


Since everything works on paper and PC, her's the thing in the real world, and may the best Fabber win!

Hey! This one's an Hybrid! Fab&Home / RepRap, far more sexy than any o'em, as far as I'm concerned...

I owe this photo from MAKE Magazine's Newsletter, so here's the link to them, a MUST HAVE!


(Yet one more link to put on the Links List, why don't I stop collecting stuff, mumble, mumble..)

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