Chapter 13:

Don't want to build, but rather want to assemble?

A class of it's own, EmachineShop.

You download a FREE program, draw the piece you want, on the material you choose, made by the machines you'd like!

Send the order to the guys below, PRESTO! Your pieces are sent to you by mail!

Mind the tutorials, and help files, the first piece you'll draw might cost 3000$, with a few adjustments, the price may go down to 120$!

Ponoko, laser-cut plate, lots of materials, anywhere.

Whether it's Jewelry, intricate Machines,

or this Electron
ic Gizmo's case,  you can now draw something on a Vector Drawing Program, export it to .eps format, then have it Laser-cut, all around the world.

Materials like Aluminum, Felt, Styro, MDF, Bamboo, Acrylic, of course, go there, and see what can be done, mailed to you, and all it takes, then is to assemble it:

Now with added value, Sparkfun + Ponoko, the world's yours, Mwahahahahah!

Yup, you can add the easiest way to make an Electronic Project, to Ponoko, now that's a winning combination.
That's more than 1500 electronic boards, and components, for you to make, well, whatever, I guess...
And now, Ponoko's gone 3D!

Yes, no need to search a lot, now, you can now get all the above, AND, 3D Printing, from Ponoko, in lots of materials, including Stainless Steel, Gold plated metal, and Colored Ceramics:

Quoting from Ponoko's Blog:

Ponoko Personal Factory 4 will auto price, auto check, and auto fix your 3D designs. We’ve also got 5 new starter kits for 3D modeling softwares: Alibre, Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender, Google SketchUp, and Solidworks!

“Everyone has had a product idea at some point, and Personal Factory 4 gives them a place to make it real,” says Dave ten Have, Ponoko’s CEO. Nick Pinkston, founder of CloudFab, adds “[This is] making it easier than ever to turn all sorts of ideas into real things over the Internet.”

Have a look, at the Blog:

Wood Marvels
, lots of Laser cut wood projects:
Specialized on wood, and awesome Toys and stuff, here's Wood Marvels.

A huge amount of projects you can buy online, lots of 3D clipart you can buy, too, and a chance for you to collaborate with your own projects.
And a Blog, where you can see stuff like this:
Ask them all about this and more, at

The new kid in the block, Shapeways, from your 3D file, straight to Reality

Yes, indeed, if you can make it on your 3D program of choice, Shapeways can deliver.

Gold-plated Stainless steel rings, and lotsa other stuff you can imagine, on these materials, click to enlarge:

Also great is their Shapeways Creator, many a things you can create to customize to your need in MINUTES, online!

So go there, and have a lot of stuff made...

Just see this 3D printed Micro-Pump:

From the excellent Thinghiverse Blog:

Better than Lego, Rokenbok:

Is it Christmas?

At least, here's my gift, a wonder, Rokenbok!

Inventor's Toolkit!

Far superior to Lego, in some aspects, in my opinion.
Makes RC toys, too! 
And since Ponoko and Sparkfun make Electronics kits easy, see above, you're up for a lot of Robotic, Fabricating, what not, Creation, now.


Lego Technik, with Lego

Designer, Lego Shop, and


If you're into not too strong Gizmomaking, the Lego Technik pieces can probably do the trick.And now you can design your own thing, on Lego Designer or the much more user-friendly Ldraw, be it what il will be, and both programs will produce a price list, you send it to Lego, and SURPRISE, they'll send you what you need and nothing else, and a Assembly paper, so you won't get lost on mounting the thing.

Ldraw's back, build it on your PC

Build your best ever Lego Truck ever, in home, just download  it, and build it on your PC...

Meccano's gone robot!

Illustration 40 Take a look at this 3 new systems, they're worth it!

And for some more oomph on your Gizmo, Meccano now has a brand new robot-building System, far more into today's needs than the old Mecanno pieces and motors!

Just imagine, now you can control your Meccano self-made robot via USB, from your Personal Computer!