Dad can do, a great idea


Dad Can Do, what a great idea!              

In these days of jaded, numb skull, La-La Land teens, that only dream of being "stars" in a new hair dew Commercial, it's real good news seeing such a Site as this one:

A site for Dads to do stuff with their kids!

Let's face it, if they don't learn how to use any tool 'till they are 6, they risk growing up to be Critics, Yobs, or even

Now this guy got the idea of building stuff, instead of drinkin' Duff, and all kinds of neat stuff, too, from your favorite Cartoon Props, to paper planes,

toys from junk,

a favorite of mine, yeah Inventors never grow up, Cooking, how to use Electronics on toys,

So stop being a Homer Simpson, and start being a DAD!

Them pesky kids might be the pride and joy of you guys, after all!