Chapter 14:

A Web Page List of Great Sites

Here's a list of sites anybody must know of, to make things, buy things or know more about, lots of things.

Of course the list keeps growing everyday, but see these, and then go Site-Hunting on your own.

There are separate sections, for example, for great materials, or pre-made parts you just have to assemble, go through this very large list to find what you want.

After a brief description, you'll just click on the link directly below:



 A 3-in-1 page, a freeware CAD program in Learning and   Professional versions, a DXF, DXB and DWG converter, and a very cool Model and airplane plans page! 

(Nice girl...And the airplane looks good, too!)


Free CAD Apps, what can I say?

As they say, "Free is Good!"

Another 3-in-one

A Lathe, lost foam Casting and CNC Site! 


The AMAZING Hilsh Vortex Tube!

Imagine -40ºC and 60ºC coming out of a No-Moving-parts machine, with only a regular Compressed air input!



Sustainable Living, or, Build a home in the middle of No-were:

They teach you to build a Wind turbine, the recicling facilites, transport, the works!

These guys are 20 year-olds, at that age, to go and achieve something like that, now they've earned my RESPECT!


Lathe pages:

Taig tools, a micro lathe you don't have to baby:

Metal Lathe, a very good page for, of course, Lathes:

Two pages from guys that went and done it: 

Coffee Can Foundry

Gingery Milling Machine, on the Gingery Series:

Another one of the Gingery Series, on a Lathe:

The Gingery Series Main Page:

The man behind the Metalworking from scrap, and his Philosophy:



Just as you won't think Lindsay Books is only about Dave Gingery;

Electric Discharge Machining:

Homemade Plastic Molds, OH YEAH:

3 sites For gear makers: 

Lindsay Gear Calculations & Cutting  

Gear Making Gearbox

Lots of tech stuff: 

Lindsay's Technical Books


The AMAZING Hilsh tube:



A great metal foundry page: DragonWorks.htm


Again for meltin' metal, these guys are real good, the vacuum casters: 1 a.html Vaccum Casting of alluminium via polystyrene patterns

Get yourself some CULTURE, and learn from these pagesHorology, the fine art of Watchmaking: Microscopes for Horology 

Wheel and Pinion Cutting Tools 

Gear Trains and Idler Gears: 

Designing Cycloidal Gears



This guy's a GENIUS, built a toy tank for his kid to ride: Scale Sherman Tank

His home page, and some other things he's done: Gizmologist's Lair Green Sand Molds A homemade waste oil burner


CNC pages! Eight of' em 

The guys that tell you how to make your own CNC at home, Software and Hardware, all covered, Open Source!

And another one! RepRap, another
Open Source

Also, the great Makerbot, everywhere, and using cheap, but excellent ABS Plastic:

Here's a neat video:

The Zoltar CNC Router:

 CNC @ home! CNC Engraving Machines.htm 

Selfmade CNC Engraving Machines 

First brass melt

  IG-88 base frame, Phase 3  

IG-88, Phase 5

Http:// An automatic foam cutting machine page mill convertion.html From a vertical milling machine to a CNC mill!


A guy with a metal shop, neat:

John's shop Pages 

Build your idea, a suggestive title.

Science Stuff:

Boats made of Special ICE(!):

http://www.COMBINEDOPS Pykrete.htm

A simple homemade Van de Graaff generator!


Van de Graaff generators, and lots of other electrostatic devices:

Illustration 42 This is THE most complete site ever, in English and Portuguese! ALÔ BRASIL! Link below:

G-Wiz Flight computers:

Sugar propelled rockets:

Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry Web Site

The Fonly Lathe:

For those that love crazy machines:

Marble Machine 2:

Vincent Chan's page:

The New Zealand guy that builds Pulse Jets:

Great materials and knowledge sources

Websites... You can siphon them out for further reading, you know?

Use HTTrack Website Copier, for those sites that you read again and again, without being on the Net.

TEP, Technology Enhancement Programme:

A great idea is behind this great Site and Programme (that's the way they've written it) , to teach kids Science and Maths while actually DOING something interesting!

But actually EVERYONE can benefit from this, as you've got access to the resources and .Pdf documents, can buy the Hi-Tech Materials, and the great tools and incredible Gizmos you can make or buy.

Also their own CNC projects and Software, and a good excuse for you to re-learn at home some of the stuff you forgot... Or never even learned in the first place!

TEP's Millenium page:


Another great site to visit, lots of materials and Power tools, go have a look!

American Science & Surplus:\

Truckloads of wacky stuff, tech toys, but also very useful materials, parts and US and others Army, State, and whatever Surplus stuff, sometimes at bargain prices!

All well organized into different categories, take a look!

East London Inventor's Club,

 for Inventors and

Gizmonians everywhere!

A Web place to go, you'll miss a lot if you won't!

A Forum Site with countless forum topics for inventors, like no-one else I've seen!

Illustration 43 ...And they've have a Newslwtter, too!

Great chaps, helpful, you'll even see me there, too, giving advice, mumbling, rumbling, and meandering like anything!


Brock Institute for Advanced Studies

Illustration 44 Goes round and round...

These guys have some very interesting pages, about lots of tech stuff, the most interesting (for me) being some Java animated Virtual Mechanisms, that you MUST see!

You're not a COMPLETE Gizmologist until you see the Crank Rocker! Or the Geneva Escapement, now there's a conversation piece!\mechanism\index.html

Reuleaux Collection of Kinematic Mechanisms, Cornell University

These ones, they've got it all worked out, a real Museum Exibit on the Net!;

With Photos and Movies, you can see here, already solved, a lot of present and future mech problems you face, like in this case, how to take a regular movement and turn it into a stepped motion, for lots of Gizmos, and whatever not!

Do as I did, get the GREAT Httrack website Copier, and make an Offline Reference you'll come to over and over again!