Or...What's this all about?

Have you ever...

-Got halfway an experiment, only to give up, because you just can't make some piece, finish some frame, or find some exotic material?

-Have some "expert opinion" kill your idea, only to find it manufactured after some time?

-Spent a fortune on a machine, only use it once, and then find some guy made one on his Garage for 12$?

This happens A LOT!

So I went and done an Ebook about Prototype Building.

Now what you see is the Ebook's online version;

So browse at your hart's content, to find a way to make your own Gizmo, be it a Power source or a Hilsch Vortex Tube.

And now, there's this Facebook Page:



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Amongst all kinds of props, and wacky stuff. Like a flying alarm clock, click below.

More FunStuff!

See what looks like an Inventor trying to get to a Manufacturer's Office!



There's a Blog, now, you can take a peek into it, go for the blue stripe, where's the translator, and read the translated version, experimental, but hey, most of it is about English speaking Sites and services, anyway...

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See it on Youtube

See it on Youtube

See it on Youtube

See it on Youtube