A Step By Step Guide to Building Your Own Amazon aStore

This tutorial will help you through the first steps in making your own Amazon aStore, with pictures, simple to follow instructions and some examples to make it all easy.

It's real easy setting up as an Amazon affiliate to earn money online, though they do like to call it an Amazon Associate. The number of different ways you can earn a commission from linking to amazon is immense! This tutorial website shows some of the easiest and most common ways you can build links for your websites & blogs.

Below is an example aStore - a simple method of providing an online store to your website, either letting amazon select the products displayed or choosing categories or products yourself. You can create your aStore to show as part of your website, like below, or provide a link to a standalone astore website - this link is a direct link showing the same as is in the frame below

It's easy to build an Amazon aStore like this, so don't delay build one, you'll find it very simple to do and start earning some cash! 

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