BuildRadios Home Page

This website is dedicated to my interest in all kinds of technology I have had since my teenage years. I have covered quite a bit of ground in my hobbies, and throughout I have always gravitated towards is my interest in radio and all the associated aspects of what a radio signal can carry. 

My interest in radio runs from listening BBC radio 7 comedy to setting up an automated whether satellite receiving system that publishes images direct to a website and decoding many other kinds of transmissions.

This has lead me in to building my own radios restoring vintage valve radios, and even dipping my toe into home building the latest in radio technology a software defined radio. I would not say I am an expert but I have a healthy interest in electronics perseverance to learn and follow instructions form publications.  This has lead to a satisfying sense of achievement on a personal level that is very gratifying and fuels my curiosity for technology even more. 

This site is my little way of sharing my experiences and encouraging others to look and tinker with this kind of technology.  I hope one day as my son gets older he will also share my curiosity for technology. 

Andy Page (M0JLY)