Project Portfolio


 Custom made Z-braced carriage doors. These replaced failing slab doors made of particle board that did not withstand the exposure. The new doors were assembled of tongue and grooved boards pre-primed before assembly with marine grade penetrating epoxy. The details, including custom copper cap flashings and beveled bracings to shed water, should ensure a very long life for these doors.  
 Custom redwood deck finished with rosewood oil. This deck is not being supported by the house to eliminate risk of water damage at that location.   
Redwood fence with the following features:

Salvaged old growth pickets were reused in completely new design. 

  • All end cuts were sealed before assembly.
  • Appropriate use of pressure treated wood for posts for maximum longevity.
 Exterior door and awning. Project involved reframing opening, rot repair, waterproofing, and stucco repair.  
Balcony restoration. The original cantilevered douglas fir beams were badly rotted, and had been re-decked with inappropriate material. Under an engineer's supervision the following work was performed:
  • One beam was spliced with new redwood, tied together with a metal strap.
  • All beams received metal reinforcement plates on one side.
  • New cap flashing with self-sealing membrane at the top to keep water out.
  • Epoxy injection and filling.
  • New 2.5" thick redwood planks.


 Whole house remodel of a partially renovated foreclosure, including the following:
  • Project planning and permit approval.
  • Extensive electrical troubleshooting and completion of wiring.
  • Kitchen and bath installation.
  • Drywall repair and painting.
  • Heating system installation.
  • Window and door installation.

 Victorian remodel.

  • Gut and replacement of kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Floor plan improvements.
  • Complete re-wiring and re-piping.
  • Plaster restoration.
  • Woodwork restoration.
  • Interior and exterior paint.
 Commercial bathroom. Floor plan reconfiguration, tile, and fixture replacement.   
 Bathroom remodel:
  • Complete fixture replacement.
  • New floor and wall tile. Around the new tub, tile was installed over highly mildew and mold resistant waterproofing membrane made by Schluter Shower Systems.
 Engineered maple floor and low voltage lighting.