About Mike

A Missouri native, I learned the fundamentals of remodeling and construction in Kansas City, Missouri, where I purchased and extensively renovated a small Victorian home while living in a lively turn-of-the-century neighborhood near downtown. 
Upon completing this project, I contributed to the projects of other property owners both through labor and expertise, and maintained and managed our own small portfolio of other historic properties which we acquired during that time. Although research and direct experience were critical to what I learned, I also had the good fortune of working under the supervision of a veteran contractor who demonstrated good work practices and analytical skills as we repaired and renovated various properties together.

Upon relocating to Oakland, CA, in 2007, I have offered remodeling and handyman services in the East Bay and San Francisco. I currently hold a Class B California contractor's license, which enables me to perform a wide range construction services, using both my own labor and that of subcontracting trade specialists. On smaller projects, I generally prefer to perform all trades myself, which offers a simple, efficient, and flexible way to obtain the results my clients desire.

A contractor's education never ends, and I continually develop my understanding by researching solutions to the various problems I find in my clients homes. Since arriving here, I have participated in a number of professional development activities including taking coursework in UC Berkeley Extension's Sustainable Design Program. I have been deeply influenced by the design philosophy of distinguished bay area architect Christopher Alexander, who has brilliantly defined the characteristics of great buildings as having the same wholeness, elegant complexity, and connectedness inherent in all living things. 

My previous professional experiences prior to becoming a contractor involve work as a college writing instructor at three different institutions, and as an English language teacher in inner city Chicago and Caracas, Venezuela. I hold a B.A. in English Literature and M.Ed. in Secondary Education from the University of Missouri--Columbia.
When I am not working, I can be seen frequently around the Bay Area with my wife, Caroline, and two children, Zach and Alina, enjoying the wonderful parks, nature preserves, museums, and restuarants that make this such a great place to live. In addition, I am an avid reader and writer.