Welcome to a Field Guide to Building Watching:
Architectural Styles of Eastern Canada

What is Building Watching ?

Building Watching is similar to bird watching, except buildings don't migrate and tend to stay in one place.

There are many different styles.  (At present, I think I've recognized close to 80.) Some styles only appear locally and are often called 'vernacular'. Others, like the 'Georgian', can be found nationally and internationally.

Both my wife and I, when traveling in a new place or simply walking in a nearby town, take great pleasure in identifying different styles.

We would liked to share this mentally challenging pursuit with other people. Most houses are a mixtures of various styles and can't be labelled. Some styles, like the 'Italian Eclectic' are common. But there are others that are very rare and difficult to find, like the 'Prairie' style.

Have fun and good luck in your 'hunting'.

Ted and Nan Ray,    May, 2011.