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The central mission of Building International Birdges encourages intercultural communication.

An easy way to begin an exchange of information is to start a penpal relationship.  BIB maintains a list of people who welcome 

We encourage People to People contacts.

You can start by contacting PTPI.org and ask if you can participate in one of their cultural exchange missions.

Write to these teachers
JWhutt@yahoo.com  Teacher in Florida
Jaluif@yahoo.com.br   Florianopolis, Brazil
LLOYDTony@me.com  Seattle, Wash.  USA
TLASteve@gmail.com     Fort Lauderdale, FL  USA
... They will connect you with interesting students.... 

Here are more students who told us, "Yes, you can give my email address to your students"


121320595@qq.com   China  (Shan Dong province, near Qingdao)
 amy.hamar@gmail.com   Teacher in Qatar
It's: mai.subhi@live.com
But I'm actually from Saudi Arabia... I'm a Saudi student who studies in UK...
It is my pleasure though to be in your penpal list... and to give information about my major...
I will check that site out... Thank you :)

MALAYSIA  yunus_87upsi@yahoo.ca   nus_smart87@yahoo.com
Dear students...  perhaps you want to talk with someone from Malaysia.   "Muhd" is the guy's name.   I hope you take the time to write to him.  He is on Facebook, too.
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000228413128   <<<  his facebook contact page

Woman in ALGERIA  wants to write to people in USA
i hope u are fine, i will be honored to answer your student's questions. my email address is: lindaNadjib@hotmail.fr   <<<  LINDA


fla_martins_88@hotmail.com    Curitiba  Brazil...  

carmencsantos@hotmail.com    Carmen, Brazil, -- interested in journalism

LEARN about the CHINA Project
Some of our students in China told us that the YOUTUBE connection in China is so slow that it is difficult to watch educational videos on YouTube.   So we decided to help our students by sending YouTube videos on DVDs to our students in China.   We plan to download videos using ZAMZAR.com and then we can mail the results to our students.  We can fit 400 videos, each about 10 MB, on one DVD.
Kenya, Victor Njuguna in Nairobi   (he does research with primates)
My brother is collecting stories about my father's adventures involved with "the Bride Price."  We plan to publish this book, so if you are interested, please contact us.
You can see excerpts on youtube.com/thebrideprice  


Russia  Moscow   Lana >>  anpriti@gmail.com

The TEACH PEACE project

HERE ARE SOME U.S. people who want to learn about your country

Claudia,    Miami,  a future filmmaker   claudiag19@gmail.com
(if this address does not work, write to TLASteve#gmail.com and I'll pass the message to her)

Hamilton,   Fort Lauderdale  chevezgame@gmail.com

Andrew, Weston FL   bjmac_78@msn.com

Jessica, New York, JessicaLeighLawson@gmail.com

Kristen,  Boston  (she wants to travel everywhere and she has visited Australia and Belize)  Kristen.Malia.Lawson@gmail.com

To get your email address displayed here, please write to BuildingInternationalBridges@gmail.com 
or TLASteve@gmail.com (it's a shorter address)


He recommends this web site for info about Tehran:
He can tell you about SHUSH

OTHER LINKS to Penpals

English Visitors Network
Become a Guide for English Language Travelers

Build connections with Skype and social media.


TEACHERS -- I receive email messages like this every week:

this is the sort of request I get.  I want to connect students like this with native-English-speaking students ...  
do you have any students who can write to Warda?     wardagemini@hotmail.com

Begin forwarded message:

From: warda khañ <wardagemini@hotmail.com>
Date: September 20, 2011 5:12:23 AM EDT
Subject: hiiii

Mr  steve  how r u ......u remember me........  i want to improve my english so plzzzz help me teacher.............. if i go any where i feel so shame but i need free lessons via skype.....if there is any   student of ur  who help me????m not on facebook

Steve McCrea

many of my students want to know where the other student is from.  does it matter?

Warda wants help.   who can give help?    I believe Warda is a female student.  I recommend that another female student be found to match with Warda.

Even if the student is from Asia and speaks English well, why not connect that person with Warda?


Joanna of Sweden

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