Hi to all browsing my 11m site ... My name is Leon and I am 42 yrs old , living in the island of Trinidad and Tobago.
My 11m callsign is KP 911 ( KILO PAPA Group ) , I am ex 158 AT 106 , since I haven't renewed my AT callsign for a while .
I have been into antenna designing and building for 20 + years , and still many more antennas to try out .
Take a look at my PICASA page of my antenna projects -

You can see my roof top , it is the light green roof in the middle of the picture ( red roof of my neighbours house just to the north of mines ).
Just zoom out on the map to see how close I am from the ocean . The " Gulf of Paria " which is the body of sea between Trinidad and Venezuela , is to the left ( west ) of my home .... On a clear day , I can see Venezuela from my home .

The purpose of this site is to show my antenna designs for the 11m band , and to help those that may want to build some 11m antennas !!

I started off in CB radio at the age of 16 and got into antenna building because of lack of money to buy an antenna .... Later on I started using software to design Yagi antennas ( YA Software  ) and got really good at it .

I remember dxing all over Europe ( Cqing on 27.555 usb ) and telling guys that my antenna was my own design ...... Many were impressed with my signal, especially from a barefoot radio (Cobra 148 gtl - 10 watts into a 3 ele horizontal yagi).
I was then sent an email from a guy in Italy asking if I would like to display my designs on his webpage, so that other operators may try them out   (OH WOW -- People building antennas that I designed)........ I then sent him designs for a 3ele, 4ele, 5ele and 6ele drawn up in "Paint Software" , which was put up on his website.
Eventually I received emails and guys on fequency , saying they built my antennas and were really happy with the performance.
I once helped a guy in Australia build an 8 element 11m yagi ( 60ft boom ).... I designed the antenna and emailed the info to him ..... As he ran into a couple of problems , I helped him via email until he got it up.... It ended up out performing his store built 8 element yagi .
The picture below is of my radio room , and as you can see , I am also a licensed Amateur Radio operator since 1997.
Click on the link to goto my Ham Radio page  -

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