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Photos of the Build

This a concept model Francis made.  

The walls of the castle above ground floor will be brick outer and  200 mm Hebel block internally filled with concrete.  The Hebel block is an aerated concrete product which is much lighter than concrete blocks and has a higher thermal rating. 

Internal walls will be 200 mm Hebel Block.

The windows will mostly be aluminium with either Comfort Glass or Double Glazing.  The four bathroom windows will have to be made from timber due to their unusual shape.

Each elegant roof will be made from 16 timber trusses which will be covered with timber planking, waterproofed, rendered to the smooth curves required and then tiled using blue-grey, fully vitrified tiles.  The tip of each roof will have a custom made metal cap.

Around the windows and under the roofs there will be Hebel decoration worthy of a castle. (NB The model above doesn't show this amount of detail so please check the photos of the Castle plans)

August 2011


The footings of the castle are double skinned brick filled with concrete built on the basalt rock.  We halve the bricks to build the curved walls. The outer walls are 400mm thick and the internals are 300mm.  Where walls intersect there is a triangular void which will be filled with concrete, forming very strong, large columns.
The floors will be double reinforced concrete with pipes inlaid for heating.

Underfloor heating