My name is Christina and my partner is Francis. Welcome to our  site. 

We are  building our grand design, our new home called Castle Phoenix.
 We started the build in 2010.  This site is an online diary of our journey.  We are both artists and this build is the most 
major art project we have ever worked on.

These walls are artistic pieces in their own right.

 The front Wave Wall in particular is already a tourist attraction.

 I am working on mosaics for this wall. 

Other features 

How to navigate this site:

The three main pages
 Background, Grand Design and Walls and Gardens
 Each page has a number of sub-pages. 
 Look for any purple words that change to a hand symbol - these will take you to these other pages.

 We are both Artists 
Francis built a small Castle and a Castle in Eungella
 Our tiling business  with photos  

Photos:  Scroll the pointer over a photo and if there is a hand symbol, click once to access our Web albums which contain all uploaded photos. Each photo will take you inside an album.  There are several albums to look at.

Shows the Castle floor plans and profiles



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