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Ron Seman 10/3/2011
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http://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Islam Wikipedia information on Islam This site "Encouraging de-converting and former Christians". If you do a search on word Islam you will see some posts about converting to Islam. THIS IS DEFINATELY AN ANTI-CHRISTIAN SITE. BEWARE! Identifies top Muslim bloggers 
http://WWW.RadicalIslam.Org/ This sight tries to point out radical side of Islam. 
WWW.Islam.Com Information on Islam 
WWW.IslamHouse.Com Islam House has all kinds of information links including links on different languages on interpreting Quran (Qu'ran, Koran).  
WWW.IslamiCity.Com Information on Islam 
WWW.IslamOnline.Net/English/Index.shtml A website about all kinds of things Islamic. 
WWW.IslamReligion.Com Information on many Islamic items 
WWW.MuslimHeritage.Com Muslim Heritage. Discover 1000 years of missing history and explore the fascinating Muslim contribution to present day Science, Technology, Arts and Civilisation. 
WWW.MuslimMoneyMaster.Com/hot-car/?p=1 A site on managing money. This link is for a video about coveting a car. 
WWW.WhyIslam.Org Answers on Islam 
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