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Some are building bridges and some need bridges built to them...   

--Ron Seman
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Colleges.USNews.RankingsAndReviews.Com/Best-Colleges/National-Universities-Rankings U.S. Colleges and Universities ranked  
WWW.Wheaton.EDU Wheaton College established 1860 
WWW.Olivet.EDU Olivet Nazarene University since 1907 
http://WWW.Moody.Edu/ Moody Bible Institute started in 1886 
http://WWW.TIU.Edu/ Trinity International University founded in 1897 
WWW.SMU.EDU/Theology Perkins School of Theology founded in 1911 - Dr. Robert Hunt 
WWW.IslamForToday.Com/alazhar.htm Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. Al-Azhar university concerns itself with the religious syllabus, which pays special attention to the Quranic sciences and traditions of the prophet, on the one hand, while on the other, university teaches all the modern scientific fields of science . Thus, the university has not only fulfilled its obligations in these two fields of study but also fulfilled its obligations towards the Arabic language which is the language of the Holy Quran. In 1961, according to Al-Azhar university's legislatory law No. 103 new colleges of applied sciences, such as the faculties of Medicine and engineering, were introduced to Al-Azhar university. These newly introduced faculties are not duplicates of their counter- parts in other universities since they combine both the empirical as well as the religious sciences. Alongside the Egyptian students who are studying at Al-Azhar university, there are many other students from the various Islamic and European countries. These foreign Moslem brothers have exactly the same rights as the Egyptian students. 
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