Below are technologies that one can use to build bridges to Muslims or to build bridges to other Christians for networking.   Immediately below are some Google Gadgets for Google Sites. I am just experimenting.

Ron Seman

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Countdown to 2012

Tiny 3D Map Search

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Arabic search:

Google Search

Driving Directions

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Inflation Calculator

Text to voice tool:

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Website or email addressDescription
Website or email addressDescription
EN.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Wiki Create an entry in the online encylopedia 
http://Books.Google.Com/ View books and search texts of over seven million as of 4.22.2010 
https://Sites.Google.Com/Site/RonSemanMinistries/Departments/Information-Technol Developer of free applications for ministry 
Translate.Google.Com/ Translate some text or even an entire web page between languages! 
Twitter.Com Twitter allows tweeting up to 140 characters to thousands or more! Great way to communicate quickly. 
Vimeo.Com Video/audio sharing on internet like YouTube 
WWW.Apple.Com Apple Computer resources for easy use like iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iMac 
WWW.Facebook.Com Social networking to reach people around the world 
WWW.GodTube.Com A video sharing site like YouTube but focused on Christian ideas 
WWW.Google.Com Create your own free Google websites,do searches, Google voice, SO many tools 
WWW.MySpace.Com Social networking site to reach people around the world 
WWW.PalTalk.Com Setup chat rooms for talks on building bridges to Muslims or chat with Muslims around the world. 
WWW.Skype.Com Video/audio phone conferencing across internet 
WWW.Snopes.Com/politics/obama/photos/prayerday.asp Squash FALSE RUMORS - research before you forward emails! 
WWW.Tangle.Com An online video community for Christians 
WWW.UStream.TV LIVE Video broadcasting unlike YouTube which is recorded 
WWW.WhiteHouse.Gov/Assets/Documents/Cyberspace_Policy_Review_final.pdf Cyberspace Policy Review 
WWW.YouTube.Com Videos and audio broadcast. BROADCAST YOURSELF! 
WWW.Zyxter.Com A website of personal testamonies - powerful 
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