Social networking tools

Social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter has transformed the world and indeed led to revolutions in the Middle East such as in Egypt. Hundreds of millions and perhaps over a billion can be reached in 2011. Please explore these links and get accounts and start educating others. Please send me additional links.  -Ron Seman 5.28.2011

WWW.Facebook.Com  #1 Worldwide leading social network with > 500,000,000 users! Muslims for Jesus (almost 6,988 on 5.28.2011)

WWW.Twitter.Com  Limited currently to 140 character tweets.

WWW.LinkedIn.COM #1 for professional worker networking and students and ministry workers

WWW.HootSuite.COM Post once here and then one can post simultaneously to MULTIPLE social networks and one can schedule and queue up posts to be done while you are away automatically!

WWW.Skype.COM  Tool for video chatting to reach and support, for example, foreign missionaries.

Mixi.Jp is the largest Japanese social networking site. Use the Google Chrome browser so you can translate at the click of a button between Japanese and English!