This is the most POWERFUL thing that one can do. The Holy Spirit will reach all those that He wants to.    

Ron Seman
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Email or websites for prayer requestsDescription
Email or websites for prayer requestsDescription A ministry for prayer requests 
http://WWW.NDPTF.Org/ National Day of Prayer- First Thursday of May each year, 5/6/2010 
PrayAllTheTime@Gmail.Com An email address that you can send your prayer requests to and they will be prayed for. All bridges must be proceeded by prayer! 
WWW.OurPrayer.Org Reaching Out... Lifting Up prayer line Ph 845-704-6080 M_F 7:00AM - 10PM EST or via web 
WWW.PrayKids.Com Guides for children to pray. Get your children and Sunday School kids praying! 
WWW.WayMakers.Org If you can imagine a prayed-for planet... you can probably envision a day of Christ's global glory! 
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