METHODS of building bridges

There will be extremely detailed information published on linking the Koran to the Bible. Also there will be seminars for churches to get them to get a basic understanding of Islam so that they can start their personal plan of bridge building.

Think of a toy Lego block. One can use it several ways:
  1) Build a bridge
  2) Build a wall
  3) Tear down a bridge
  4) Tear down a wall
  5) Build a step to get the big picture
  6) Toss it back and forth between your hands without accomplishing anything

What are you going to do with your Lego? The clock is ticking...

Ron Seman

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Disaster relief partnering Work with Islamic community such as WWW.IRG.ORG to help disaster areas 3 - Fair Get to work sided by side with Muslims but ultimately need to get Gospel to them 
Debate Debate and argue with Muslims 1 - Very poor This won't win converts to Christianity 
Business consulting Provide business consulting or marketing to small Muslim businesses 2 - Poor Ultimately they need to know the Gospel 
Friendship Become a friend of co-worker or neighbor 4 - Good Ultimately they may see love in you but they need to know the Gospel 
Witness with tracts and DVDs Provide tracts, DVDs on dreaming, Gospels in native language 2 - Poor Must have method for them to follow up with questions and/or progress 
Linking Koran to Bible Study Koran and then share corresponding Bible verses 5 - Very good Pastor Raouf Boulos from Moody Church in Chicago is working on a manual for this. A seminar was done and more are planned. Ron Seman is working on a multi-media presentation with customizable content for churches to bring awareness 
Prayer Pray for your neighbors, fellow co-workers, students, and entire countries 5 - Very good  
Art Bridge with artwork 3 - Fair Ultimately they need to know the Gospel 
Science While working on science discussions build partnerships and friendships 3 - Fair Ultimately they need to know the Gospel 
Dance Through dance theater build relationships 2 - Poor Ultimately they need to know the Gospel 
Calligragpy Calligraphy is very much part of Korans (Qurans) 3 - Fair Ultimately they need to know the Gospel 
Linking Koran to Bible Reach with music 3 - Fair Ultimately they need to know the Gospel. Maybe the songs will have the Gospel. 
Showing 12 items