Life of Muhammad

 570 AD - Born in Mecca

 595 AD - Marries a 40 year old widow who is wealthy named Khadijah

 610 AD - He has his first revelation (in cave)

 622 AD - He is forced to flee to Medina and then Yathrib

 622 AD - This date is so significant to Muslims that it becomes the first year of Islamic calendar

 630 AD - He makes a triumphant entry in the city of Mecca

 632 AD - He dies and is buried

 634 AD - Abu Backer fought to reconvert the Arab tribes back to Islam 
                 which is known as Ridda Wars

 642 AD - Iraq, Syria and Egypt fell into Muslim hands

 650 AD - Uthman compiles the Qur'an and destroys variant texts

 656-661 AD - There was internal fighting between Ali and Mu'awiya 
  732 AD - Muslim army defeated in the Battle of Tours (Battle of Poitiers) in North Central France

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