Islamic Koran (Alcoran, Al-Qur'an,Qur'an, Kuur an) Reading

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WebsiteDescription 10-part Video from National Geographic on INSIDE THE KORAN. This is link for the first video. Do a search in YouTube for "Inside the Koran" if this video is ever removed. 
WWW.SearchTruth.Com All kinds of tools for reading and listening to the Koran. Has things for your mobile phone as well. 
HTTP://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Names_of_God_in_the_Qur'an Asma' ul Husna: The most Beautiful Names. The 99 names of God 
WWW.USC.Edu/Schools/College/CRCC/Engagement/Resources/Texts/Muslim/Search.html Compendium of Muslim Texts: Qur'an and Hadith 
WWW.UStream.TV/Channel/alafasy-Quran-TV Continuous live Reading out loud of the Qur'an, Koran Has audio in Arabic as well! Thank you Borhan Ahmed Al-Rubaie for link! Koran in acronyms 
WWW.FreeQuran.Com Listen to the Quran. I requested free printed Quran but there was a server error on 3.14.2010. Quran in acronyms Quran reading and turoring 
WWW.QuranExplorer.Com Read Koran (Quran) 
Kuran.Com Read Koran (Quran) 
Quran.Com Read Koran (Quran) 
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