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Ron Seman   10/21/11

In the beginning...

Lee Strobel-- former atheist

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BibleScienceGuy.WordPress.Com William T. Pelletier, Ph.D. I’m a mathematician who has spent over 40 years researching Bible-Science topics.  
CosmicFingerPrints.Com/PerrySpeaks Perry Marshall's website on God as creator 
EN.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Apologetics Wikipedia on Apologetics 
http://randommutation.com/ Generate a random mutation of text 
Multimedia.mcb.Harvard.Edu A video on a cell. Soooo cool! 
WWW.4Truth.Net By North American Mission Board. A reasoned approach to Christianity. 
WWW.AnswersInGenesis.Org Answers in Genesis. Goal: To support the church in fulfilling its commission Vision: Answers WorldWide is the Missionary Arm of Answers in Genesis. OUR PURPOSE: is to provide the “global Christian” with answers for his faith (1 Peter 3:14) and to expose the world to the Creator God of the Bible. MISSION: We take the absolute truth and authority of the Bible to the world. We teach the relevance of a literal Genesis to the mission fields of the world. We obey God’s call for global evangelism for all ethnic groups in the world. 
WWW.Apologetics.Com Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe. 
WWW.Apologetics.Org C. S. Lewis Society. Apologetics.org is a project sponsored by C. S. Lewis Society and Trinity College of Florida. 
WWW.CARM.Org Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry 
WWW.CoffeeHouseTheology.Com The unvarnished truth about religion 
WWW.Equip.Org Christian Research Institute - Because Truth Matters by Hank Hanegraaf, the Bible Answer Man 
WWW.OriginIntoSchools.Com/Media/Origin_Intro_2009-12-21.pdf Introduction to The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin written by Ray Comfort in 2009. He handed out copies of the book with this new 50 plus page preface. 
WWW.RZIM.Org Ravi Zacharias International Ministries - A Christian apologist. 
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