power supply

I used the Lex 60W passive PSU.(about €68,-) This is a complete set, including the external "powerbrick".

The PSU fitted nicely at the bottom of the case, facing the lower part of the motherboard, without obstructing the incoming airflow too much.

A 60W PSU is more than powerful enough for this kind of "solid state" computer.

Pico PSU

If I could start all over now, I would probably choose the more recent PicoPSU. It plugs directly into the board's powersocket and so allows a much cleaner interior, as it doesn't need the "traditional" thick bundle of power cables running across the board. It is rated at 90+% efficiency. Impressive, especially compared to the 40 to 50% efficiency that is usual for the big tower PSU"s!


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power supply

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