There's nothing very special or "bleeding edge" about this board. Although it left the factory fairly recently, 2005 I believe, it isn't hard to find better, more up-to-date boards. However, it had one very persuading quality: its price was only about €65,-! Not bad for an all-in-one board, including the processor.

  • "Via 2000"
  • Via C3 processor
  • 800 Mhz
  • integrated sound, video
  • shared video memory (16-32-64mb)
  • usb 2.0: 4x
  • flex-atx (19 x 22cm)


  • low price
  • reliable, stable
  • hardly bigger than Mini-itx
  • 2 RAM bays instead of the one usual with mini-itx ( I have 1x 512mb)
  • power efficient
  • can be passively cooled  


  • not fanless out of the box
  • limited bios settings
  • booting from usb problematic
  • not suitable for high end graphical apps and games
  • processor is Via C3, not the more recent C7


the box


passive cooling

power supply

ide compact flash


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