About 'Building a Bridge'


State of SC

Created by:

Susan Haley of Florence Darlington Technical College

Basis in real world


Role of student in the scenario

Engineer Technicians

Guidelines for students to follow

*Be proactive* You must schedule meetings with your manager when needed. In general, you should talk with your manager if you can't find the answer on your own. The more you put into the process yourself, the more you'll get out of it. Don't expect managers to tell you what to do. *Keep in Touch* You are responsible for checking your email regularly; announcements will be made this way, and we will assume that you have read them. Check with your manager about available online tools (email, threaded discussions, etc.). Use these tools to share information, project schedules, agreements, resources, results, and updates with your team members and manager. *Manage your time* You should plan to spent 50% of your time on this challenging project for reading and research. *Address performance issues in your team* Since you won't initially know the full extent of your team's capabilities, negotiate the initial scope of work for each member carefully (i.e., what concrete pieces of the task s/he is responsible for). If problems emerge, surface them as soon as possible so that you can negotiate them within your team and complete your task on schedule. (This may be socially uncomfortable, but you've just got to do it.) If you ever have a problem you don't know how to solve, discuss it with your manager after you have talked to your team.