Double Wii Nunchuk - USB converter

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Hardware: Electronics

The basics

This board is powered by an Atmel ATMega328 microcontroller - I built the first breadboard prototype using an Arduino Duemilanove and a couple of nunchuk adapters I found at Sparkfun.  Most of the work had already been done by the following projects:

This is a software implementation of the USB protocol for using a wide variety of Atmel processors as USB devices.  VERY well done.

Someone had already managed to hook up both the Wii classic controller and nunchuk (AND a PS3 controller) to a computer using the same microcontroller, so a lot of the code was already in place.  This project in turn gives due credit to a few more projects.

The next step

- Both nunchuks have the same I2C address, so I had to add a chip to multiplex the same I2C SDA data line.  I used Maxim's 4733 to do this, it's a simple NC/NO 2-channel switch.  It requires an extra input for switching between the two devices, which was provided by the microcontroller too. 

Circuit boards

I ordered all my PCBs from BatchPCB, and they were about $10 each (they always sent me an extra one though) plus shipping.  It's a really nice service to use if you only have a couple of boards you want to make.  Here is a breakdown of the revisions I made:

v10: The 3.3V power supply didn't quite work as I expected, so I ended up wiring a thru-hole LD1117 to the board- ugly, but it worked.

v11: The 3.3V power supply worked just as advertised this time around.  Sadly, I had left the I2C lines at mismatched levels (5V/3.3V) and the ATMega couldn't talk to the nunchuks.  To make matters worse, I fried the microcontroller when I was probing around with my multimeter.

v12:  I added voltage level translators to switch from the 4.7V powering the ATMega to the 3.3V for the switch chip and nunchuks.  I ended up not placing the pull-up resistors on the nunchuks side, and it worked right away after programming the microcontroller.

v13:  I removed the pull-up resistors on the nunchuks side.  I haven't had it built.


The latest Eagle schematic and board layout are listed at the bottom of the page.  The schematic is also provided in PDF form. 

The code can be found in the software page of this project.

Dante Sanchez,
Oct 29, 2010, 10:24 PM
Dante Sanchez,
Oct 29, 2010, 10:24 PM
Dante Sanchez,
Oct 29, 2010, 10:24 PM