I am currently a senior machine learning research scientist at Adobe Research, San Jose, CA. My technical expertise and interests include probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian inference and machine learning, especially models for sequential and relational data, with applications in human activity/intent recognition, video understanding and natural language processing. These interests center around the challenging problem of how to make the machine better understand the humans – a problem that plays a central part in intelligent assistive technologies, personal assistance and dialogue management. Before joining Adobe, I was at Nuance Natural Language Understanding Lab, and also spent 9 years at the AI Center, SRI International. At SRI, I led the multi-institution research team in developing probabilistic inference technologies for understanding the user activities during the CALO project (the largest AI project in history, also known as the project that spun off Siri). Going further back in time, I was an assistant professor at Curtin University, Australia (2000-2003),  Ph.D graduate in computer science (Curtin, 1998), graduate from HUS high school for gifted students, and a maths olympian (silver medal, IMO 1989, Braunschweig).