Wish List

We need your help to keep the garden growing. If you can donate any of the follow materials to the BUGS program, we'd be ever so grateful. 

Contact the BUGS Tenders if you have any questions or to arrange drop off/pick up of materials.  

Materials Needed:
  • 10 Straw bales for next year
  • Gas powered weed whacker
  • Clean mulch 4 cu. yds.+ - Done. Thanks, District!
  • Outdoor easel with chalkboard or whiteboard
  • Shed at least 4' w x 6' h x 2' d

Are you handy with tools? We could use help doing any of these jobs:
  • Building a new gate for the fence between the BUGS and Native Plants gardens
  • Building a large 3-bin compost system from pallets or similar
  • Installing 7 posts in the native plants garden
  • Building 2 sturdy, 4'x4' outdoor tables - Done. Thanks, Matt!
  • Cleaning and sharpening tools
  • Repairing wooden garden beds