Summary: Nothing poisonous. Nothing invasive (Mint is VERY invasive.)

There are a number of plants that should not be planted in the gardens due to their toxicity or poisonous nature.  Some you may not be aware of, so please peruse this list before purchasing your plantings for the seasons.  

Try to only plant edible plants and flowers.


Below is a list of a few of the most common poisonous plants and the parts of the plants known to be dangerous.

Amaryllis Hippeastrum puniceum: Bulb

Anemone Anemone tuberosa and other spp: All

Autumn Crocus Colchicum autumnale: All

Azalea Rhododendron spp.: All

Belladonna Lily (Naked Lady) Amaryllis belladonna: Bulb

Bird-of-Paradise Strelitzia reginae: Seeds and pods

Buckeye (Horse Chesnut) Aesculus arguta and A. hippocastanum and other spp: Seeds, flowers and leaves

Buttercup Ranunculus spp: All

Caladium Caladium bicolor and other spp.: All

Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis: Particularly the bulb

Clematis Clematis: All

Daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus: Particularly the bulb

Datura Datura meteloides: All

Delphinium Delphinium spp: All

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea: All

Gloriosa Lily Gloriosa spp: All

Hydrangea Hydrangea spp: All

Iris Iris spp: Leaves and rootstock

Jessamine Gelsemium sempervirens: All

Lantana Lantana spp: All

Larkspur Delphinum spp: All

Liliy-of-the-Valley Convallaria majalis: All

Lupine Lupinus spp: All

Monkshood Aconitum spp: All

Narcissus Narcissus spp: All

Oleander Nerium oleander: All

Rhododendron Rhododendron spp: All

Rhubarb: Looks a lot like swiss chard but the leaves can make you sick and we don't want the confusion. 

Star-of-Bethlehem Ornithogalum spp: All

Sweet Pea Lathyrus spp: All

Tansy Tanacetum vulgare: All

Wisteria Wisteria floribunda and W. sinensis: Pods and seeds


Please also do not plant ANY bulbs (flowers, onions, garlic) in the upper garden.  Bulbs should only be planted in the patio garden barrels or planter boxes.