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We all love a good pic, don't we?  We encourage you to send us your favorite BUGS photos, and we'll post them here for you.

File size:  Google is all about unlimited (free) storage - until it comes to photos!  Please crop or otherwise reduce your picture file size to what seems reasonable.  If we get too many big files we'll have to do some culling.

How to get them to us?  PLEASE DO NOT send directly to the Bugs Tenders by email.  Things will be really smooth if you attach pics to an email and send it to this particular address:  Then it's just a hop, skip, and a click from us and they'll show up as an album on this page.

Again, that's for your pictures.

Garden sign from the San Carlos Rotary Club

A visit from our friends at the Rotary Club of San Carlos

Bugs Fun!