Program Overview

Better Understanding Garden Science is unique to Brittan Acres

Built from scratch by BA parents starting in the late 1990's it's designed to provide a hands on learning experience for the kids while being extremely easy and convenient for volunteers to present and lead.

The BUGS program teaches children about life science through gardening, by using fun hands-on activities. This progra
m allows children to experience and connect to nature all around them and directly through the garden. By learning about the interconnection of the elements of a garden (soil, water, sun, plants and animals), children will gain an understanding of the garden's life process and how it relates to themselves and the wider natural environment. It is designed to be supplementary to the Life Science that the children receive in class from their teacher.

The basics:
    • Each month's lesson incorporates a particular educational theme. 
    • The lesson starts with a 5-10 minute whole class discussion
    • The class breaks into three groups, which rotate through three activity stations
      • Two stations expand on the month's theme and usually include reading and a hands-on activity
      • One station works in the garden
    • There are seven sessions throughout the school year, one a month. This program is fully run by volunteers, minimum 3 per classroom.  
    • The total volunteer time commitment for BUGS is typically between 1-2 hours per month.
    • All lessons are pre-designed, and all lesson materials have already been pre-assembled and packed into backpacks.   
    • Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!
      1 - Go get your "lesson in a backpack."
      2  - Unzip backpack and present to class.
      3 - Have a blast!
  • Volunteers simply need to review the lesson materials (online or at the library), show up at the scheduled time, grab the lesson backpack, and unpack and present the lesson. 
    • Occasionally volunteers will need to bring in some common household items, such as newspaper or ice for a particular station. Volunteers also purchase plants twice per year, and are reimbursed by the BUGS program (limits apply but are currently $40 per classroom in the Fall and $40 per classroom in the Spring).

  • There is no need for volunteers to be highly trained scientists or green thumbed gardeners. No experience is necessary!

So that's the nuts and bolts of the program.  As for the "Why's" - click here to learn why people volunteer their time to be associated with this wonderful program.

Contact the BUGS coordinators with any questions or suggestions you may have about the program.  The program leadership is being shared this year by Kate Pfaff as Head Bug with Maiko Green as Materials Coordinator, collectively known as the BUGS Tenders.  Please send them an email at:

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