B.U.G.S. = Better Understanding Garden Science


To better understand nature, the relationships necessary for the growth of plants, and where plants fit into the cycle of life.

What's New:
  • Field Trip for Kindergarteners
Room 4 took a field trip to the rock sculpture poetry path at Bayfront Park. They collected insects and snails, and generated a word bank about what they had found. Back at school, they used cobbles to create rock sculptures and poems to make their own poetry sculpture path on playground.
  • BUGS Collaboration with Art in Action
BUGS teamed up with the Art in Action program to create a new lesson on the Fibonacci sequence and spiral patterns in the nature. Two of our second grade classes piloted this lesson in January, and the students loved it! Garden + Science + Art + Math + Hands On = Deep Knowledge and High Interest.
The video on this collaborative lesson is 

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available here, and the lesson has been shared by Art in Action at several conferences on STEAM education with great response. Check out our BA kids in action!
  • Next Generation Science Standards. A team of BUGS leaders, teachers, and volunteers are revamping the BUGS curriculum to better align with the new science standards coming down the pipeline. We are super excited about the hands-on engineering challenges and experimentation called for by the new standards. Some of the new challenges:
    • Can Kindergartners design and build a sun shade structure?
    • Can First Graders mimic nature, using animal communication tools to guide classmates to a target?
    • Can Second Graders index the biodiversity of the school campus and track the changes over time as part of a citizen science project?
    • Can Third Graders use what they have learned about life cycles and interdependence to propose and debate solutions to human impact on endangered species?
Click here to visit the new NGSS-aligned curriculum and see the future of hands-on science and gardening at Brittan Acres!

BUGS is...

  • BUGS is a unique, home grown program developed at Brittan Acres Elementary in the 1990's and updated for NGSS curriculum in 2015.
  • 8-9 classes are scheduled over the school year for each grade.
  • Each lesson features one hands-on science station and one gardening station.  Students grow and tend a vegetable and flower garden during the year.
  • Students learn the principals of ecology and biology, guided by their garden work and the natural resources of campus.
  • The program is staffed with a teacher naturalist, paid a stipend by the PTA, and parents volunteers who facilitate garden work. 
  • The BUGS program coordinators are committed to sharing this program with other schools.  Please contact us to learn more.

The Native Plants Garden is growing!

Dubbed Rusty's Request, for the red tailed hawk who makes our schoolyard his home, this outdoor learning space will support a variety of ecosystems niches and creative opportunities for natural learning that can be enjoyed and utilized by everyone. We look forward to expanding our interdisciplinary curriculum into this space with more hands-on science, math, writing, and art.