Key Construction Files

      This site will feature occasional accounts of radio-telegraphic instruments designed and built by WB9LPU.  Some of these are one-of-a-kind for my personal use, some are purely experimental, and some have been (or are being) developed for limited production for the use of the amateur radio community.


Key projects -



Paddle Projects -


Bug Projects -






The NanoBug Project -



Here are some of the key-making projects from the workshop of WB9LPU.  This site will be updated as projects develop, and some earlier files will also show up here as time permits.


The NanoBug I  (6/11/2009)

The NanoBug II  (7/15/2009)

The NanoBug III (8/8/2009)


The PicoBug I  (9/1/2009)  **NEW**


  A New Automatic Bug (2/6/2009)


 Some Notes on MicroBug construction

- Phone jack holder (4/16/2009)