DB-8 May Update

   This is a non-technical update (5/18/2009) to show off a bit.  DoubleBug VIII, Serial Number 004, went to the Dayton Hamvention this past weekend to make some new friends, and to take part in the Homebrew Contest sponsored by QRP-ARCI, the QRP Amateur Radio Club International.  This is an annual contest that the Club sponsors during its FDIM (Four Days In May) event.  004 was entered in the Station Accessories division.  Judging of entries was done by secret ballot of all those attending, and 004 was fortunate to win its class and was also judged Best in ShowMany thanks go to that excellent organization and to the members who took the time to check out the handiwork of the homebrewers in the club.


     Bug 004 is very much like the prototype shown in the previous pages.  A new scheme for providing a locking function for the speed-adjust magnets was tried and was found to work well.  It permits precise adjustment without the need for a positive lock nut.  This unit also included a positive center detent for the driving lever.  The design for these features will be the subject of a later update.

     Here is 004 posing for the camera.

     Below is a close-up of 004 perched on its wooden box.  Some minor changes are apparent in the driving-lever magnets and in the spacing of the upright elements at the front of the bug. 

     Several other DoubleBugs are being made to test out some ideas for speed control and a surprise feature not usually found in a bug.  So stay tuned.