Max Dettweiler's Contact Info 

i.e., how to get a hold of me. :-)

I made this page primarily becuase there's no way for me to specify my email address on my profile page at, a forum I frequent. However, there is a field on the profile page where you can specify a web page addres, so hence the existence of this page. :-)


Note: If you need to contact me ASAP and don't want to have to read through this whole page, send me a PM at, as detailed below. I check that the most of all the contact methods listed below. :-)


So, without further ado:


Email: ( will work, too)

My primary email that I use for most communcation regarding prime searching, distributed computing, etc. As for how in the world I got an odd-looking screen name like "bugmesticky", well, that's a long story. Email me if you want to hear it. :-)

Secondary email:

I don't check this very often, I use it mostly for the Geocities hosting (yeah, I know Gmail's got Google Pages, and in fact that's where this page is hosted in case you didn't notice yet, but for certain things like sieved file chunks for NPLB/CRUS, it's nice to host them in a place where you can actually use subfolders to sort things), and for the occasional Yahoo group (so far that's only PrimeForm, which I had joined so I could download PFGW for Linux). :-)

Google Talk:

If you want to chat just send me an email at this address and ask for a chat invite. :-)

Yahoo Messenger: max.dettweiler 

Considering that I don't check the email box attached to this screen name very much, I doubt it will be much of a surprise to learn that I'm not online with this screen name much at all. :-) mdettweiler

I'm often on mersenneforum multiple times a day, so a private message there is the way to go if you want to reach me ASAP. :-)

No Prime Left Behind forum ( mdettweiler

Same as

Free-DC forum ( Max Dettweiler

On average, I read this forum about once a day. However, both at Free-DC and Mersenneforum, I have email notification of private messages sent to my address, so if I get a PM it will get to me at least as fast as an email to that address would. :-) 

That's all for now, folks. :-)