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What's the best resource to learn Judy's Magic Cast On for Toe Up Socks?

posted Nov 1, 2011, 11:26 PM by Buffy Ann Designs   [ updated Nov 1, 2011, 11:40 PM ]

I love doing toe up socks, but I struggled with learning Judy's Magic Cast On. Every new sock I had to struggle and struggle to get the darn thing started. It was so frustrating, I had one sock looking for it's "sole-mate" for over a year, just because I got so frustrated with getting it on the needles. I am to stubborn to have someone else cast it on for me. Then this past summer we took a road trip to Oregon on our way to Sock Summit 2011 in Portland. We stopped off at our Aunt & Uncle's house in Tillamook for a few days of visiting and site seeing. It was the perfect, relaxing environment to try to once again start the 2nd toe up sock for the a perfect pair. It really was perfect, I was using Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Silkie Socks that Rock - sock yarn - crazy yummy!

After returning from a long walk, we were relaxing before dinner. I went on You Tube and started cruising the Judy's Magic Cast On videos. I hit upon the perfect video by Cat Bordhi. Not only does she take the time to really create a story about the cast on, she takes the time to show the tactile "HOW TO", very clearly. She is a gifted teacher. If you need to or want to learn how to do Judy's Magic Cast On - I suggest checking out the video. If you are not sure about toe up socks, check it out anyway. You will be hooked on Cat, no doubt.

After leaving Tillamook we went to Sock Summit 2011 in Portland. It was an amazing experience - to be surrounded by all of the amazing teachers, sock knitting folks - taking sock knitting almost too far! To top it all off, I had the chance to meet Cat Bordhi in person! She is even more delightful than she seems on her videos. We had given a Stitch Light to each of the teachers as a "Thank you" for all they do to make the event amazing.  She was so gracious and kind she came by to thank us and even spent a few minutes with our 10 year old daughter discussing the benefits of knitting using Magic Loop. Amazing, Wonderful, Awe-Struck was I. Still am! ;-)

I am taking a cast on class at Interweave Knitting Lab this week. I will be posting more in Cast On's! Let me know if you have any questions, comments! Just Ask Buffy!

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