Buffie The Body Photo Shoot

    photo shoot
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buffie the body photo shoot
buffie the body photo shoot - Vixen Icon
Vixen Icon (Triple Crown Publications Presents)
Vixen Icon (Triple Crown Publications Presents)
Finally, the bar will be set and the truth will be told. Buffie Carruth, known as the legendary Buffie the Body, takes readers from ATL'S most wanted dancer, most sought-after YouTube actress, leading lady in G-Unit and other music videos, an in-demand ringtone wallpaper model, the most sought-after prison wall pinup girl in America and most curvaceous woman in the world, to book author with her highly anticipated expose of the industry, Vixen Icon. Buffie gives readers a Making-of-the-Body look behind the videos and cover shots and reveals the Who, the What, and the Why of the industry and leaves no opinion unwritten. The very assets that have made her the most downloaded Web girl have set the stage for ladies everywhere to swing their hips proudly. Often compared to other vixens, Buffie the Body is a far cry from the Superheads of the industry; Vixen Icon proves the Body is the most prominent and illustrious Icon the world has seen for years to come.

Sleepyby Buffie
Sleepyby Buffie
Buffie sleeping in her car on break. Poor girl had to work a 13 hr shift =(
...but it was with me, so YAY!
Buffie chup hinh the lam passport
Buffie chup hinh the lam passport
Buffie chup hinh the lam passport ne ^^ ma k biet cac chu CA co chap nhan hinh nay khong nua ^^
buffie the body photo shoot
Buffie - Armorial Name History & Coat of Arms Scroll - 11 x 17 inches (A3) - Family Crest - Genealogy - Heraldry - Heraldic
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