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Bio: BuffieDaBarbie is one of the first Ebony Virtual World Model that Travel the world with her talent Of Model.film Virtual video design she travel all over the world and visit Island people who live out the outer limits and create virtual empire,on dry land video gaming virtual photo's and more @buffiedabarbie1 Nation and World Wide web, BuffieDaBarbie has a very true Unique talent as she travels from sea to sea and coast to coast to different parts of the world and adult themes. Although as her Editor I can say BuffieBarbie is a very passionate Beautiful female that's College Educated in the Modeling and film industry as she got her Masters in BFA what a spectacular Woman she is,as we all can say as Men our 'Hat's off to Her" If you ever on the social net work follow Instagram @buffiedabarbie1 for exclusive pictures and video buffiebarbie is also known on all social network as you will find that she is a very open and beautiful Ebony Queen. I will say until then have a great and lovely day from her friends in London to yours, Arse!
A true Beauty Of the Virtual World one of the first Ebony Model's to sweep the Nation with talent and skill of Extraordinaire Virtual visual creation a born go getter at the tender age of 14 Buffie Da Barbie strive for her new creation in film and video game animation of the State-owned CEO Enterprisehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Woman the first Ebony Barbie Doll to go viral in virtual video Game industry Buffie Barbie travel coast to coast share new ideals trip vacation and long walks of the world with Buffie Da Barbie Entertainment New Summer Events {2} Buffie Barbie has also earned her Masters in BMA video as she studie a  long course of short film and virtual video and photo talent to learn more about Buffie Barbie and her Summer Travel Events follow the web as she is knownnation wide {3} links  https://twitter.com/buffiedabarbie1,http://instagram.com/buffiedabarbie1 http://theme.wordpress.com/credits/buffiedabarbie1.wordpress.com/ http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XGvMbfNkh5I&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DXGvMbfNkh5Ihttps://www.facebook.com/buffiedabarbie1 {4} as the editor I will advise to share with friends an more thanks for reading and hope to see you there,this posting is for the Adult viewers some graphic video or pictures posted may contain adult content 18.yrs are older only upon BuffieDaBarbie Followers Request.
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Certified First Ebony Virtual World Model
  • Texas A&M University
    Science major Masters in Business Management, 2008 - 2011

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