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Kitchen Table Sets With Bench

kitchen table sets with bench
    kitchen table
  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.
  • a table in the kitchen
  • take out of a game; of players
  • A long, sturdy work table used by a carpenter, mechanic, scientist, or other worker
  • A long seat for several people, typically made of wood or stone
  • The office of judge or magistrate
  • a long seat for more than one person
  • exhibit on a bench; "bench the poodles at the dog show"
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kitchen table sets with bench - Lipper International
Lipper International 598 Toy Chest
Lipper International 598 Toy Chest
This wonderful solid wood toy chest provides kids with storage for toys, games, and treasures.

Collect stuffed animals, blocks, games, and costumes in this attractive toy chest from Lipper International. With a rounded back cresting, the chest doubles as a bench with a 21-1/4-inch seat height, great for story time or doll display. An assortment of child-friendly design attributes clearly reflects the toy chest's intended audience. Double hinges prevent the lid from slamming closed, while front finger slots further reduce the odds of pinched fingers. The chest's broad, flat surface offers young artists a great surface for coloring. For fans of hide-n-seek, two air holes are installed on the chest's backside. Two side handles enable transportation and also serve as low-profile armrests.
Made in Thailand, the toy chest features durable beech wood construction. A nontoxic natural finish enhances the toy chest's veneer and protects from splinters. To clean, wipe the chest down with a soft damp cloth and dry immediately to prevent wood damage. The toy chest's design best befits indoor use, and also is available in cherry, pecan, and white finishes. Upon delivery, some assembly is required. The toy chest measures 33-3/8 by 18-1/2 by 24-1/4 inches. This item weighs 36 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

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Breakfast at the Kitchen
Breakfast at the Kitchen
Jaina Lefevre watches a moment longer, then heads inside. "FRIES for ME Miss June! The guy with the smelly cigarette says so!" Lukash Hallard whispers to Dru "I dun think thems serve fries innere none" Druuna Pessoa stuffs more pie in her piehole. Speaking with her mouth full, trying not to drop anything "Your gross!" she grins wide and then looks a little more serious "Oh, the condoms? How many ya get?". She looks up at Jaina and nods polite at the girl. Jaina Lefevre looks at Luk. "Uh huh. They do! River'n me gets 'em here all the time." She sits down and then blinks at Dru. "You gots Conor's present for (EDITED UNTIL REVEALED IN RP) ?" Lukash Hallard: "Salty managed ta get us a tall box stuffed with it from da red cross peeps...quality shit even" he adds with a nod Lukash Hallard scooped some more pie into his mouth while Dru and the kid talked, his beard now stained red with cherry Druuna Pessoa facepalms, not wanting all the kids in Midian running around with condom-hats. She shrugs at Jaina and says with a bit of a typical street attitude she had "Ya like to know kid? Ya dun think it be his biz?" she offers a little grin. Sapphira Laval shuffles inside, as ever. Bleary eyed. Perfect timing it seemed. Skirting around the small girl and wrinkling her nose a little as she rounded to kiss Luk on the cheek then sit. Leaving the cherries in his beard. "Morning." Lukash Hallard: "Lady gots a point kiddo" he adds agreein with Dru Druuna Pessoa waves a fork full of pie at Sa "Morning". Lukash Hallard: "Good mornin'babes! Din'see ye at da house when I woke up!" he smiles a red smile to Sa, Luk was in a good mood alright Jaina Lefevre picks at the plate of fries as they're delivered. "Conors is my second bestest friend and he tol' me about the presents for (EDITED UNTIL REVEALED IN RP) and said it was the bestest 'cause then she wouldn't get preg-nuns and go away." She nods sagely and then glances at the goo in Luk's beard and giggles. "You gots leftovers!" Lukash Hallard chugs some more coffee down and scoops the last of his pie "aintchye a lil talker?" he chuckles while the girl rambles on Sapphira Laval waved June over. "Coffee, cream and sugar please." Slipping her arm across the chest. Scooting to the edge of the seat, away from Jaina. Best she could without falling off. "Was using the computer. Apartment hunting. Can't get a signal inside so I go upstairs." She was half asleep still. Druuna Pessoa just chuckles a little as she continues to molest her cherry pie. She speaks against with food in her mouth "Ya kids now'days!" she shakes her head. Not like she was any better, she grew up in Midian too. Just 10 years old when she arrived. Lukash Hallard drops his fork on the smeered empty plate, waving his now empty mug for June, asking for a refill "any luck?" he asks Sa with a quirked brow Jaina Lefevre dips her fries in the goo that is supposed to be ketchup and munches before looking at the adults. "I'm Jaina." she offers helpfully. Well, they're all sharing a table and being right sociable now, aren't they? Lukash Hallard: "Luk" he gives the girl a smile, reaching for the refill June slides his way Sapphira Laval: June was already on her way back with Sa's coffee. Patting Jaina on the head as she came by. Refilled Luk's coffee too on the way. Sweet woman she was. Dru's too if she had any. Sa shook her head as she stirred the coffee, "Not yet." She stared at Jaina for a minute. Wasn't hard to tell she was a little uneasy around her. "How do you feel about dogs?" She was really asking Lyk bu question might have seemed posed to ... everyone. Lukash Hallard: "dogs?" he asks with arched brows "as in woof woof dogs?" Jaina Lefevre grins at Luk. "I like that name, Luk. Miss Portia's boyfriend's name is Luk too. You says it to hers and her face gets all red." She looks over to Sa. "I like dogs. Sometimes, you can sleep curled up wif'em and it's nice and warm. Sometimes, you get 'em with lots of pepper and on a stick and it's good too." Druuna Pessoa keeps assualting her her pie, she spills some in her big cleavage. Then sighs and gets a napkin, some of the red cherry got on her white top. "Doh..." she tries to save it best she can, then just shrugs careless and waves at Jalina "Hey, I be Dru" Lukash Hallard swallows his coffee dry once he hears the kid...damn kids and their mouths! "uh...yeah...dogs are nice" he shifts subjects quickly Druuna Pessoa smirks as Sa mentions dogs, she wish she had never talked to her about that. She looks between Luk and Sa as she chews on her pie. Sapphira Laval nodded, still eyeing Jaina. "Yeah, like woof woof. Pets. Dogs. Like dogs... " She shrugged.
Megahouse (M. I.) wishlist
Megahouse (M. I.) wishlist
I knew this existed, but they were too large for PFs. Now I have pukis... and I want them all. And they're SO expensive now! >_< Actually, the desks are a bit too little for pukipuki. Andoroid desks are better, and maybe re-ment too? There was one in a collection, but never found it. Well if you have/see something just tell me! I've already checked e-bay, btw. I'm buying the bench I think. In order of preference/need: 1. Gardeningmate 2 - bench (x2?) and table. THEY ARE TOO LITTLE!!! 2. Desks, from any re-ment or megahouse or andoroid collection. And some school accessories. ONLY 1 MORE DESK NEEDED 3. Little Cafe collection 2, open cafe. I love the Vespa, the lamp and the set with a blue chair and red bookcase. TOO LITTLE - STILL SEARCHING FOR THE COFFEE MACHINE. 4. Little Cafe collection 1. I want chairs! 5. Gardeningmate 1 - Love the vegetables and the chair which matches the bench of #2. 6. Retro Style - so 50es! TOO LITTLE 7. Retro Style Kitchen TOO LITTLE 8. These would be wonderful for some things I have in mind. 9. For Parma >3< Any color is fine. FOUND 10. A miniature juke would be wonderful. 11. I've missed these on hlj. FOUND

kitchen table sets with bench