Counter Height Pub Tables - Dining Room Table Runners.

Counter Height Pub Tables

counter height pub tables
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counter height pub tables - Bundle-03 Aurora
Bundle-03 Aurora 5 Piece 4 Seat Bar Height Outdoor Dining Set Finish: Midnight
Bundle-03 Aurora 5 Piece 4 Seat Bar Height Outdoor Dining Set Finish: Midnight
[***INCLUDED IN THIS SET: (1)Bar Height 30" Round Dining Table - Mesh Top, (2)Aurora Stationary Bar Stool - Arm] Finish: Midnight The beauty and character of hand-formed metal, blended with intricate details, allows the Classics Wrought Iron Collection to fit any style or taste. The Bar Height Table Collection come with your choice of clear or obscure tempered safety glass, or metal mesh tops, combining the durability and beauty of Woodard's authentic designs. -Optional cushions and side stools are not included and must be purchased separately. Features: -No Assembly Required -Mesh Table Top -Suitable for residential and commercial use -NOTE: Umbrellas for use with bar height tables must have extended height bottom poles. -Stool seat height: 30.5'' -Rust proof stools About Woodard Wrought Iron Each Woodard frame is purified and dipped into a bath of zinc phosphates (rust inhibitors) during our state-of-the-art MetalGuard finishing products. Wrought Iron frames are electrostatically coated, creating a permanent seal that locks out rust. They are also finished with the highest quality powder-coat paint finish for durability and beauty. Woodard continues to hand-craft each piece of wrought iron furniture-a tradition handed down through generations. Combining the heaviest available solid wrought iron stock with the best steel, our individual craftsmen use an anvil and hammer to forge the intricate details found on many Woodard frames. Woodard designers meticulously study each product style with the goal of preserving authentic designs. Fabrics are selected on the basis of quality, coloration, trend, and in some cases, historical significance. Finish choices range from colorations which are current in vogue to those who are traditional and timeless. Design integrity by Woodard is a reality-not a concept.

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We were on Holiday in the Scottish borders recently and fancied a nice meal out one night. Chinese was closed, didn't fancy a pub meal so went for the curry option- food was fantastic, and we were the only customers but that was quite nice. However the surly Scottish lass behind the counter- it was like a Monty Python sketch, she almost threw the cutlery etc at us, barely spoke, not once said please, thanks or anything like that- she barely managed a mumble when serving a couple who came in to order a takeaway, continuing to pull apart some recently printed menu/leaflets (SHLOP! SHLOP! SHLOP!) whilst ignoring them. Once, without moving from behind the counter and propped up on her elbows, she shouted something like 'sevrrythin allright wee yameal?' to which we hurriedly said it was great (it was great, but we wouldn't argue with her if it wasn't!). Finally, after feeling her staring at us as we ate our meals, and feeling slightly hysterical, we asked for the bill- which duly arrived in a folder, thrown down from a great height, sending the contents (bill, business card and two chocolate mints) flying across the table (to be expertly caught by my other half). We paid and left, waiting until we got out before we doubled up with hysterical laughter- good food and so much entertainment, well worth going!
breakfast nook
breakfast nook
table is temporary; not sure what we're doing here yet, maybe banquette, maybe counter or pub height table

counter height pub tables